Beauty from Broken Pieces Workshop: 5/21/16

Storiez creator Meagan Corrado was selected to present a workshop at the upcoming Literary and Arts Conference organized by the Art Sanctuary.  Corrado’s workshop is entitled “Beauty from Broken Pieces” and will support artists in using their sources of inner pain as fuel for their creative process. Participants will learn about five concepts to support them in transforming brokenness, trauma, and adversity into beautiful art. Participants will then be invited to engage in an interactive activity during which they use these concepts to infuse into their own artistic process. The conference will be held on 5/21/16 at Philadelphia’s Church of the Advocate.  Registration is free of charge.  The conference will include workshops, panel discussions, and author readings from over 25 different individuals and groups.


Storiez creator Meagan Corrado and other workshop presenters for Art Sanctuary's Literary and Arts Conference were honored at an event at the Barnes Foundation on 2/7/16AStoriez creator Meagan Corrado and other presenters were honored at an opening reception at the Barnes Foundation on 2/7/16. The Literary and Arts Conference will be held on 5/21/16.