2GuysParticipate in a Storiez-sponsored training or request an on-site Storiez training at your organization or agency!  Half-day and full-day trainings can be provided for groups of 8 or more participants.  Trainings begin with discussion of the impact of trauma on inner city youth and then progress to discussion about interventions for trauma-exposed children and adolescents.  The Storiez intervention is then detailed in-depth, and participants are invited to view supplementary videos and story examples.

Storiez trainings can be adapted based on the needs of the requesting individual or agency.  We are also now offering distance learning trainings via Adobe Connect video software! For details on pricing and availability, please use the “contact page” to request additional information.

Winter-Spring Storiez-Sponsored Trainings

See the schedule below for our upcoming Storiez-sponsored trainings.  Also visit our “calendar” page for upcoming events and outside trainings.

To register for training, complete the registration form (Winter-Spring 2018 Trainings) and submit payment via snail mail or PayPal.