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From teachers and mentors to advocates and friends, community partners play a significant role in helping trauma survivors heal.  Therapy is one of the pathways to trauma healing, but many trauma survivors do not have access to treatment or are hesitant to participate. This makes the role of community partners essential.

Community partners can provide trauma survivors with support in the following of ways: 

  • Create safe, stable environments
  • Provide positive, reparative experiences
  • Use empathetic listening
  • Facilitate connections with outside supports
  • Offer creative options for self expression

Storiez resources and training also provide community partners with education and tools to support trauma survivors in processing their emotions and telling their stories in safe ways.




Storiez is excited to offer training to community partners. These trainings include Storiez: A Do It Yourself Guide, Storiez: a Feelingz Guide, and Storiez: A Group Treatment Guide.  Additional trainings are also in development.  Customizable training options can be provided on a wide-range of trauma related topics including trauma symptoms, trauma healing, attachment, and trauma-informed social work practice.  Learn more about our in-person and online training options.


Learn about the importance of creativity, voice, and honor in the Storiez process.

Why are feelings important? How can we support trauma survivors in expressing and managing feelings? This video provides an introduction to Storiez: A Feelingz Guide.

The creative arts are a powerful way to support trauma survivors in healing. Community partners joined together to participate in this 2017 Storiez event.