Storiez Guides

Storiez offers five guides to support trauma survivors as they seek to heal from past experiences.

Storiez: A Guide for Therapists  and Storiez: A Guide for Children and Teenagers support trauma survivors as they tell their stories with the help of a therapist.




Storiez: A Do It Yourself Guide helps traumatized individuals tell their stories independently or with the help of a support person (a teacher, family member, community leader, peer, or therapist). It includes tools like a safety plan, feelings chart, and the “bubbleometer” to help individuals manage their feelings and responses to telling their story.


 Feelingz are a part of our everyday life experiences, but we don’t often talk about them. Storiez: A Feelingz Guide is a tool for children, teenagers, and adults who want to get in touch with their feelingz. On their journey to healthy emotional expression, readers will use this book to write, draw, interview, observe, create, and reflect on their own feelingz.



Storiez: A Group Treatment Guide provides theoretical knowledge about group treatment in an approachable way and supports the group facilitator as they integrate Storiez into a variety of group contexts.