Celebrate with Storiez: 2018 Highlights

Storiez would like to thank you for your support throughout the past year.  In 2018, Dr. Meagan was able to present to a total of 1,000 clinicians, community leaders, and trauma survivors.  These presentations took place in a variety of community, academic, and professional contexts.  From San Diego and Cleveland to Wilmington and Philadelphia, Storiez has been able to extend its reach, forging new partnerships and strengthening existing ones.  In 2018, we developed two new resources (Storiez: A Group Treatment Guideand You Are Never Lost), laid the groundwork for two upcoming resources, and opened an online classroom. We provided trauma-informed consultation to partners throughout the Philadelphia region, facilitated the “Healing through Storiez” conference, and sponsored an art show in conjunction with the Philadelphia Trauma Training Conference.  We are thankful for your ongoing support and engagement.  Stay tuned for additional Storiez resources and training opportunities in the new year!