Storiez Releases New Coping Resource

Our teachers, our parents, and our friends assume that we know how to cope- that when life gets stressful and ...
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Celebrate with Storiez

Storiez has reached two important milestones. Not only have we made it to our 5-year anniversary, but we have reached ...
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My Own Speechless Terror

When individuals and communities experience traumatizing events, they often lose the ability to describe what they have been through in ...
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Dear New Social Workers: A Virtual Graduation Speech

Dr. Meagan Corrado welcomes new social workers to the profession by sharing pivotal lessons she has learned throughout her social ...
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Support Youth in Managing Stress and Trauma

The links below highlight free Storiez resources to support youth and families in (1) understanding stress and trauma, (2) coping ...
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Stress, Crisis, and Trauma: Supporting Individuals in Distress

Stress, Crisis, and Trauma: Supporting Individuals in Distress Dr. Meagan Corrado We live in a world where stress, crisis, trauma, ...
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New Storiez Video: You Are the Vision

In a world of stress, conflict, and trauma, it can be difficult to see beyond our current circumstances. “Vision” means ...
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Storiez Community Showcase on 4/26/20

Although we had to reschedule our larger Storiez festival at the Cherry Street Pier (the new dates are October 24 ...
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Bryn Mawr Students Present Innovative Ideas on Social Work, Trauma, and the Arts

Dr. Meagan had the opportunity to create and teach a course on Social Work, Trauma, and the Arts at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate ...
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